How can i transfer a photo from my Laptop,to my phone?

Answer You should have gotten software with the phone. Upload that onto your computer. When you open that programme (so if your phone is a nokia it will be called Nokia PVC suite on your desktop)You shoul... Read More »

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Is it possible to transfer a photo from my mobile phone to my p.c if so how?

Online Site To Transfer Numbers From Phone To New Phone?

you can buy a little sim card copier for a few quid... its like a keyring, that just copies the data, then copies it to the new card, takes a few minutes Theres a few ways of doing it, if you have ... Read More »

How to Transfer a Number From Phone to Phone?

Having a mobile or home phone provides friends, family and employers a convenient way to reach you. Periodically, you may wish to transfer your current phone number to a different phone or to a dif... Read More »

transfer photo from computer to memory card?

Find out what "Removable Disk" drive the memory card slot is by loading it & using Windows Explorer (mine's G:, as an example). You can then either drag the files to that drive from the location wh... Read More »