How can improve this :)?

Answer This is not a conclusion and never finish with 'in conclusion'.When you've finished writing the main body, take the main/major/important points from it and, if it's a research paper, state your fin... Read More »

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How can I improve this?

Instead of asking about improvements better add WARNING for children on that video or in the video description. For the time being your video is not Flagged.

How can i improve this drawing?

Pretty good only thing I would change is the pupil in the bigger eye it looked a little strange to me lol but other than that it is a fantastic drawing!

Do you like this haiku Any way i could improve it?

Its AMAZING and it doesnt matter whether u write it portrait or landscape

How can I improve this email to a business, about a summer job?

sentence 1- dash in part-time - instead of June onwards I would put "beginning in June" because you already specifiy it would be a summer job twice in the letter.sentence 2- name... Read More »