How can my ip adress let people see my other channels?

Answer I think your friend is trying to fool you because as far as I know, no one cannot find your you tube account details using your IP address.He might have found it using your videos or some identity ... Read More »

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Is there a way to download stuff from torrents while other people not seeing my IP adress?

Does your email adress you put for the sign up show to other people in facebook?

It's a setting. You can choose whether or not it displays on your profile, and who can see it.To get to it, choose "Settings" from the top bar - towards the right hand side.Then choose "privacy se... Read More »

How do people make money with their channels on YouTube?

According to YouTube, its users upload a staggering 72 hours' worth of video per minute. Over 800 million unique visitors watch over 4 billion hours of video every month. So it's no surprise that u... Read More »

What kind of content are people looking for on YouTube Gaming channels now?

Indie Games and Newly released games are big atm.Don't do something overused like Minecraft or CoD if you're not bringing anything new to the YT scene. :P