How can social networking be improved?

Answer Brilliant question...The thing with social networking is that it's limited to messages etc etc.An interface of virtual reality would enhance it more.Take for example, SecondLife, I think it has a h... Read More »

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On social media, social networking sites, what is the correct way to add people?

What do you think of Social Networking?

I don't know... most of what I hear and see... it just isn't for me. I don't need to post pictures of myself, add two hundred people as "friends" or keep up with family and friends that live aroun... Read More »

Am i going to have to use social networking. the same way as everyone else?

yep Thats The Only Way to use Facebook if you Read The Terms of Service which Nobody does it Says Friending Strangers is Not Allowed

What Are Social Networking Services?

Networking has been used for some time as a metaphor to describe the connections between people. Networking is done for business purposes as well as for social ends. Social networking services are ... Read More »