How can u print the whold screen of a computer?

Answer Easy. Follow these directions:1. Press "print screen" remembering to have the case correct. (You will probably have to push the "shift" before print screen)2. Open up a text editor, such as an ... Read More »

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How do I Get a Print of My Computer Screen?

To take a print of your computer screen, you can use a specific key on your keyboard to do this, called "Print Screen". On most keyboards it is located to the far right of the keyboard, at the top,... Read More »

How to Make the Print Larger on a Computer Screen?

The best display size for text on a computer varies from person to person. Depending on the age and eyesight of the individual, as well as personal preferences, text and images can be adjusted to b... Read More »

How do i use print screen?

I have an HP Laptop and was struggling too, tried all the options - holding down control/ alt keys etc thens potted that the Prt Sc Button had a sq box round the text, found a button on bottom row ... Read More »

How do You Screen Print?

Screen printing is done by using a woven screen mesh stretched over a frame to which a stencil is attached. The stencil is used to allow ink through the holes of the stencil, thus imprinting the de... Read More »