How can we give and obtain information from computer?

Answer go in to msword-help-version-info or get speccy free from

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Exactly what kind of personal information can a tracking cookie obtain?

Tracking cookies are generally used to gather information about the types of web sites you visit so that advertisers can target ads for you, making you more likely to click on them and earn them mo... Read More »

HELP does any body know how to obtain the insurance details of a company that wont give you them?

Threaten them with legal action. If you live in the UK you need to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau as they can help you draft a letter and advise you on your legal position for free. Usuall... Read More »

how long will caution. give false statement to obtain insurance. stays in your CRB check?

until you are 100 A caution stays on an enhanced CRB check for life or as bednobs says until you are 100. The caution is regarded as 'spent' for the rehabilitation of offenders act after 4 years. E... Read More »

Can you give me some information about Tor?

You DON"T connect to the servers you pass through you pass through them (explanation) you catch a train every station it goes through is not the one you want (pass through) so you carry on until ... Read More »