How can you delete a friend on facebook?

Answer click on the friend pull down menu and then go to all friends..find them on your list then click the X in the top right corner of their section and click remove friend and your no longer thier frie... Read More »

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Did my friend delete me on facebook please help?

i think he deleted you. possibly by accident though. try looking at his profile though and if it says "add as friend" obviously you are no longer friends and if it doesn't say anything like this th... Read More »

How to Delete Friend Suggestions on Facebook?

In an attempt to help you find people you might want to connect with, Facebook suggests friends to you based on factors that include your work and education background, friends, e-mail contacts and... Read More »

If I delete a Facebook friend, will I still appear in their friends list?

No, if you delete them, you will be removed from their friend list and they will be removed from yours.

If u delete someoene as a friend on facebook can they still see a message u sent them?

Yes, the mail will still go through if she deletes her account. The recipient of the mail will receive the message, but where the little avatar is with a picture of the person who sent it, that wil... Read More »