How can you get wireless Internet on a desktop PC with no phone line?

Answer - Check if there is a Wimax (not wifi) provider in your area(about Wimax:…=> if yes, you can subscribe, check with the provider which hardware you need.- ... Read More »

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If I am using another persons wireless router on my own phone line, will the internet be billed to me or them?

If you are both on the same ISP, and the router still has her ADSL account login info in it, it will likely be on her bill.Some ISPs with their own gear in the telephone exchange rely on the line I... Read More »

Can I get wireless internet on my desktop?

Verify that you have one of the supported Operating Systems (win 7, etc) for that adapter. Other than that, it should work fine. If the wireless signal is weak, you might want to go with an inter... Read More »

Internet with no phone line?

Subscribe to 3's new service - via a wireless - usb modem ..…

Do you need a phone line to get the internet?

Well if they offer cable modem, that runs thru your cable tv lines, dsl and dial up run thru the phone lines.