How can you tell if someone likes you on Facebook?

Answer No ; there isn't . . .Sorry:(

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How to Tell If Someone Likes You on the First Date?

The first date is to dating what the job interview is to acquiring a job. It is on this first meeting that many make important decisions as to whether to build a relationship or instead simply move... Read More »

If someone likes ur status on facebook, do you say thank you lol?

depends mine says "hasnt smoked a cigarette in 3 days!" and my friends said they liked it and are proud of me and i said thank you.

Does it bother you when someone likes your sad or angry status on Facebook?

I think your taking it the wrong way. It sounds like they are just saying "I hear you".. I personally, when I click on the "like" button is because I simply agree with the statement they are saying... Read More »

When you unsuscribe from someone on facebook, can your old likes still be on their pictures?