How did this friend suggestion appear on facebook?

Answer Facebook comes up with lots of strange friend suggestions. I think it looks at common friends, geography, and common networks. I don't think it spies on you. I would guess that Facebook just happ... Read More »

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I sent a facebook friend request to a friend she accepted but she dosen't appear on my friends list help me?

There are reasons that she doesn't appear on your friend list:-This takes Facebook some time to add her to your list. This is not a glitch.-She rejects your request.-Her account is deleted.Hope th... Read More »

How to Disable the Facebook Friend Finder Suggestion?

One of the ways Facebook seeks to grow users' connections with each other is to suggest friends they may know, but are not friends with, on the website. The Friend Finder Suggestion feature works t... Read More »

Do Friends Suggested on Facebook Get Me As a Friend Suggestion?

On your home page in Facebook, there's a section for friend suggestions. These are people that, based on various factors, Facebook thinks you might know. Depending on how these suggestions were gen... Read More »

If I delete a Facebook friend, will I still appear in their friends list?

No, if you delete them, you will be removed from their friend list and they will be removed from yours.