How did this happen Email from 1982!?

Answer Pre Windows 95 ? ?

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There is a story circulating by email about a 26 year old man who heated a cup of water in a microwave oven and had it "explode in his face" when he took it out. He suffered serious burns as a result. Is this possible and, if so, how did it happen �

Yes, this sort of accident can and does happen. The water superheated and then boiled violently when disturbed. Here's how it works:Water can always evaporate into dry air, but it normally only doe... Read More »

Is this email a scam why doesn't it say my email address on the TO: part of the email?

Is this email actually from Microsoft?

Go to your Hotmail account and log in. If you are unable to log in to your Hotmail account, then your account may have been hacked and you will need to contact customer service to regain access to ... Read More »

Does this happen to everyone the computer keeps shutting down saying it`s to protect from something or other?

omg thar in trouble there lass, i ditched that norton 2 year ago, they charge you too took me ages to get my money back, you want one of them free ones Avast's ok or windows own anyhow give it a go... Read More »