How did this happen Email from 1982!?

Answer Pre Windows 95 ? ?

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There is a story circulating by email about a 26 year old man who heated a cup of water in a microwave oven and had it "explode in his face" when he took it out. He suffered serious burns as a result. Is this possible and, if so, how did it happen �

Yes, this sort of accident can and does happen. The water superheated and then boiled violently when disturbed. Here's how it works:Water can always evaporate into dry air, but it normally only doe... Read More »

Is this email a scam why doesn't it say my email address on the TO: part of the email?

Did you dress like that in 1982?

What engines would fit in a 1982 honda cg 125?

Extremely unlikely that anyone will have bothered to do that - its not worth it. Not just the chain problem what about the engine mounting points, electric, exhaust routing and fuel system??????