How did this person find me on facebook?

Answer There's a tool called "People you may know" that shows you people you have mutual friends with. That's how I Think that person could have added you but If you don't want to add that person just dec... Read More »

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I lost my iPhone. the person who has it is online on my Facebook. how can i find it through Facebook?…look at this website and then either call fb up and track your phone or email there helpline!! errrr and if someone's taken your phone that's quite seriou... Read More »

Can a person find out if I have checked their profile on Facebook using the "Social Analysis" app?

If I deactivate my facebook straight after I send a person a message, can they find my IP address?

You have some pretty confused ideas here.  No-one can find out who you are from your ip address short of subpœnaing your ISP.  They may, however, recognise your style.

On twitter can u send a message to one person and that person alone kinda like msn or facebook?