How do I Wire a Ethernet Cable?

Answer Ethernet is a common computer networking medium used all over the world. Traditional wired Ethernet uses RJ-45 connectors which look like phone plugs but are larger and contain eight connectors ins... Read More »

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How to Install Cable & Ethernet Wire?

After having a broadband internet connection installed in your home, the next thing that you will want to do is set up a network so that all of the computers in the house can share it. Although set... Read More »

What ethernet cable is used to connect a device to a Ethernet crossover cable switch?

Your question makes no sense.There are patch cables (normal ethernet cables) and cross-over cables where the Rx pair at one end are connected to the Tx pair at the other.

If there was a taught cable, wire, or string 5 light years long and I pulled on one end, would the other end move instantly or would the wire, string, or cable lengthen as it tried to pull the other side towards it — SB?

The cable would indeed lengthen when you pulled it. In fact, you would produce a wave of stretching motion that travels along the cable at the speed of sound in that cable. That's because you can't... Read More »

Whats the difference between a patch cable and an ethernet cable?

Same thing.A 'patch' cable is generally shorter as it's used to make the small jump from the switch to the distribution board, or the floor socket to the PC.But, mechanically they are exactly the s... Read More »