How do I access Facebook by using my microwave?

Answer 1) Put microwave on for 3 min2)Enjoy!3)Pick this is best answer

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Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

Yes, subscribe to Facebook mobile texts, you then just text its alot easier.

Why can't I access facebook?

It Could be a Problem Between Facebook and Yahoo Try Going onto Facebook Direct By Going to

Can anyone access

Not here, I can't access it. Just tried a couple of seconds ago.

Why does microwave radiation affect plant seeds differently If you microwave sunflower seeds 30 seconds, they germinate faster than if you did not microwave them at all, and yet if you microwave them for 60 seconds, the seeds do not germinate at all.?

When you expose the seeds to microwave radiation, you are selectively heating portions of the insides of the seeds. Fats and oils don't absorb microwaves well but water does, so the parts of the se... Read More »