How do I access emails from the last 2 years?

Answer Sorry to say absolutely no way.When you left BT your account and everything in would have been deletedincluding your email address and everything in it also.Even if you went back to BT you would st... Read More »

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i have access rights over the lane in front of my house there is a gate at the bottom opening to a field this has not ben used for at lest 15 years can the owner of the land still claim access?

possibly who owns the lane? bedknobs, how are you pet? 1) If ownership of the field includes a convenant for access, then the owner has access rights in perpetuity.2) If it doesn't, then the owner ... Read More »

SSL Error - Won't let me access my emails!?

Same here. With you can acces to your account, but no to emails. In spanish:

How on earth do you access the Internet on an I-pad! I can still only do emails?

You tap on Safari. That's the web browser that comes with all Apple devices. You can also download Chrome or another browser from the App Store, but Safari is automatically there.

Can i access my work outlook emails from my home computer?

Not from using Outlook as this is a program installed on each computer, but if you use the actual webbased provider, i.e. Yahoo, BT then you can log into your email from anywhere in the world and a... Read More »