How do I access facebook from school?

Answer You dont! You are at school to gain intelligence not play around on facebook! Do yourself a favour and try and learn something useful or you may well regret the wasted years when you cant get a dec... Read More »

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How can I access facebook from school?

Checking facebook is something that will have to wait until you get home from school. Trying to get around the filtering system is a violation of school computer usage policy. You can get suspend... Read More »

How can i access facebook from a school computer?

you can't. they've banned it for a reason - that is so that people can get off the computer for a few hours in the day. what do you want to do on facebook? I'm sure majority of the people you know ... Read More »

How can you access websites like Facebook at school when they are blocked?

This free proxy changes it's IP every morning.

Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

Yes, subscribe to Facebook mobile texts, you then just text its alot easier.