How do I access my data card on my phone?

Answer GO figure! your phone's internal memory is of only 200 Megs... Of course it keeps saying there is no room - such a little amount of memory can be filled up even with one game... You should install ... Read More »

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How to Transfer Data From a Nokia 6350 Phone's Memory to a SIM Card?

You can move your contact data from your Nokia 6350s internal memory onto the phone's SIM card. Moving the contacts to the SIM card makes it easier to transfer the contacts from one phone to anothe... Read More »

I have a file of phone numbers in MS Word, can i link it to a phone Giff on my desktop for easy access?

You can just add a shortcut to your desktop with the document as the target. Think you can specify the icon you want it to be displayed with, but I hate shortcuts so haven't tried.Nige

phone data storage and transfer when you get a new phone?

You can try following things for transfer of data:Look for infrared ports IP or Bluetooth on the phones. Many PDA-style phones have them. This feature enables you to set the phones next to one ano... Read More »

What Is a Data Access Layer?

A data access layer (DAL) is a specific portion of every computer program which facilitates access between the program and any type of persistent storage. Programs are any applications running on t... Read More »