How do I access my data card on my phone?

Answer GO figure! your phone's internal memory is of only 200 Megs... Of course it keeps saying there is no room - such a little amount of memory can be filled up even with one game... You should install ... Read More »

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What Do I Do If My SIM Card Is In My Phone But My Phone Says Please Insert SIM Card?

Two primary cell phone technologies exist today: GSM and CDMA. The former uses removable, plastic SIM cards to store your device's data and exchange signal with cell phone towers. When you insert a... Read More »

I have a file of phone numbers in MS Word, can i link it to a phone Giff on my desktop for easy access?

You can just add a shortcut to your desktop with the document as the target. Think you can specify the icon you want it to be displayed with, but I hate shortcuts so haven't tried.Nige

phone data storage and transfer when you get a new phone?

You can try following things for transfer of data:Look for infrared ports IP or Bluetooth on the phones. Many PDA-style phones have them. This feature enables you to set the phones next to one ano... Read More »

What Is a Data Access Layer?

A data access layer (DAL) is a specific portion of every computer program which facilitates access between the program and any type of persistent storage. Programs are any applications running on t... Read More »