How do I add another laptop to my home network?

Answer It is usually pretty easy to connect to the wireless network through the network connections tab, by the sound of things you might be missing a driver for your network card, right click My Computer... Read More »

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Home network setup Wired PC, wireless laptop?

The first thing to do is to make sure that all the computers are in the same Workgroup.If you right click on my computer and then click on properties and then select the computer name tab and chang... Read More »

Can a pc on network have same ip n mac address as that of another pc on the network?

each nic does have a burnt in mac address. it can be emulated, spoofed, by someone that knows what they are doing but it is not the normal problem. ip address conflicts can cause problems all the... Read More »

I have backed up my Hard on my laptop and I want to transfer it to another Laptop.?

You can't do that because there are settings in the original OS that won't be compatible with your new laptop. These are primarily hardware settings but XP has a few dozen security protocols that a... Read More »

Should i replace my broken pc with a laptop or get another pcIs internet more expensive on a laptop?

If you are doing serious work get a desktop machine with a decent monitor keyboard and mouse.if you are just browsing the Internet and sending a few emails then get a laptop.Which ever machine you ... Read More »