How do I add another laptop to my home network?

Answer It is usually pretty easy to connect to the wireless network through the network connections tab, by the sound of things you might be missing a driver for your network card, right click My Computer... Read More »

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Home network setup Wired PC, wireless laptop?

The first thing to do is to make sure that all the computers are in the same Workgroup.If you right click on my computer and then click on properties and then select the computer name tab and chang... Read More »

Can I set up a wireless home network if my main pc is running Windows XP Home?

Yes you can run wireless networking on winxp home. You must "share" the folders you wish to "see" on the other pc. To do this - right-click on a folder & select properties/sharing/share this fold... Read More »

What is a Home Network?

If you have more than one computer in the house, you may want to consider linking them together in a home network. A home network allows multiple computers to interact with one another in order to ... Read More »

Must all PCs on Home Network run same OS?

No...but the more homogenized your network is, the less issues you'll have with getting things to work properly. The biggest hassle you'll run into is getting everything to work with a single prin... Read More »