How do I block someone on Facebook from seeing my comments on other pages?

Answer No, you cant block anyone to see your comment and likes. Facebook wont provide user such options. That is one of the drawback of facebook. your friends have to choose what activity of you will show... Read More »

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Whats the code to block your friends top and block comments on myspaceI lost it =[[.?

the code they gave you is too long.come to your lap tophold control+alt+419 that's all, you will not see them again in your life!

If you block someone on myspace, can they still see your comments if they go on view all?

U only block them from sending u a message, but i believe they can still look at your page!I maybe totally wrong tho, but i think its like an email account!

How can I block embedded flash content on web pages it's starting to p*ss me off?

Yes, There are 2 ways that are easy. 1) If you are running Internet Explorer...on the menu at the to go to tools...internet options....advanced. Scroll down to Multimedia, and uncheck the box tha... Read More »

facebook comments?

I've had this several times. Before you press Enter, make sure the mouse cursor is still inside the comments box. thank you, that is strange, but it works! Annoying isn't it, lost quite a few long ... Read More »