How do I boot from CD [Windows XP]?

Answer you need to go into the bios and set it to boot from the cd drive first and the hard drive second, then when you put the xp disc in it will boot from it instead of the hard drive, it should say pre... Read More »

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Can i put Mountain lion osx boot and windows 8 boot on the same sd card ?

Can I dual boot Windows XP Home and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Beta 3?

So long as you install them into separate partitions I see no reason why not. Always install the oldest Operating System first though as the later will overwrite the Boot.ini and cause you headache... Read More »

How do you triple boot a Desktop PC (with Windows 7 already installed) wuth Windows 7, Mac OS X and Ubuntu?

When you install Grub (a boot loader which boots your Operating Systems) it should automatically detect installed OS's. installing Ubuntu will automatically set up grub so you can boot any installe... Read More »

How To Add Windows 7 To Windows XP with Boot Manager?

Dual booting a computer involves creating a menu that allows you to choose the operating system to which you want to boot. You must use the "bcdedit" tool to add an operating system to the boot man... Read More »