How do I change my Facebook relationship status from an iPod touch?

Answer Hi Linzee,You kinda answered this yourself! Some features within the Facebook via iPod's/iPhones are not accessible, most profile editing features can really only be done by PC. However try the fol... Read More »

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How do I change my relationship status on Facebook?

Edit basic info. In that, relatioship status. DOn't forget to hit the save button.

Is it possible to change my "relationship status" on facebook without EVERRRYONE knowing about it?

If you go on privacy settings and click on 'News Feed and Wall' you can uncheck the box with relationship status. This will mean if you change you relationship status after this it wont come up in ... Read More »

How to Change a Facebook Profile on an iPod Touch?

Facebook's mobile application for the iPod touch lets you access several Facebook features. You can change your Facebook profile picture from within your Facebook application. Alternatively, if you... Read More »

Facebook How can i block my relationship status from everyone Accept the person i'm in a relationship with.?

Lol Oh Richard you really do deserve all the comments from above! typical bloke! There's no way of doing it so i suggest you tell your friends she's your girlfriend! she cant be that bad! lol