How do I change the amount of time before my computer screen goes off when I leave it?

Answer Control Panel - Power Options - Change When Computer Sleeps and then adjust the 'settings' this depends on how long you wish to keep the screen active when your are not working on it, in order to ... Read More »

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When i return to my computer when the screensaver is on the screen goes blank for about five seconds?

When i boot up my computer before it gets to the vista screen it comes up with a black screen and hangs?

During the black screen the PC is making system checks such as IDE drives. If you have a DVD in one of the drives this can stop the boot up. It certainly is not software related as the processor an... Read More »

When I change the sound level on my laptop, my screen goes black?

Hello, Sony's email address >< Sony's support site Here is some information you may need… Hey, I enjoy... Read More »

Computer screen goes black when playing games?

Not 100% sure as you haven’t explained very clearly what your exact problem is. If it’s going black and no signal when it starts the game the chances are the screen does not support the res you... Read More »