How do I change the amount of time before my computer screen goes off when I leave it?

Answer Control Panel - Power Options - Change When Computer Sleeps and then adjust the 'settings' this depends on how long you wish to keep the screen active when your are not working on it, in order to ... Read More »

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What is the longest amount of time you've gone without using a computer in the past year?

Does it still damage a computor screen to leave the same image on it for a long time?

This was a problem with older monitors (which is why they had screen savers). Most of the newer ones are pretty solid, but it's better to give your system a rest and not keep it on for days at a st... Read More »

Is it Better to leave my computer on all the time than closing?

Modern computers are designed to be left on 24/7. Rebooting is required (if your running windows) but your computer will last longer if left powered on all the time. Maybe turn it off when on vac... Read More »

Does it harm my computer to leave it on all the time?

If you use it regularly, it will last longer if you leave it on all the time rather than turning it off every night and back on every morning. Computers suffer from the same problem that causes mo... Read More »