How do I clear everything off my laptop?

Answer use a bootable windows cd,boot from cd,follow the directions and simply delite the partition...or use the fdisc option

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how do you clear everthing off a laptop?

It depends which operating system you are using, I understand. We need more info. Not on mine, it's to go into full screen mode. right click on your c drive and click format - this will delete eve... Read More »

The Best Way to Clear Your Laptop Computer?

When getting rid of or updating an old laptop, you may wish to give it away or sell it. One thing you need to consider is how accessible the data on your computer is to the new owner. Clearing your... Read More »

On this laptop I have 46 blocked pop ups ... How do you clear them?

I don't think you'd want to reset the pop-up counter. That would defeat the purpose of your pop-up blocker...??

Selling laptop, how do i clear memory ?

Most of the previous answers are bogus.Use a disk-wiping utility like Active Killdisk to erase all data on the drive: reformat the dirve and reinstall the operating sys... Read More »