How do I connect a gateway up to my laptop - No stupid answers.?

Answer t3h1 obviously doesn't know what a gateway router is. Ok, assume if you are with Tiscali you have a normal adsl telephone line and your linksys is a gateway modem router. The router connects to you... Read More »

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I have a gateway laptop vista installed and want to connect to the internet what is best modem to buy?

Of course, it all depends on the user. First of all, figure out what internet signals your computer can accept. For example; g, n, n+, g+.Then look for a modem suited for your computer.If you are a... Read More »

Girls only please as I don't want sad men leaving stupid answers.?

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What's the collective noun for a bunch of stupid answers?

Why Is It that when i ask genuinly intellectual questions, i get a load of stupid answers?

Because this is a free site . . .No accountability.The way to get the best start off the line in a stick shift is to bring the engine just past its RPM for torque so when you pop the clutch, the en... Read More »