How do I connect my new laptop to my existing ISP?

Answer you can plug it into your router or modem with an ethernet cable, or if you already have a wireless router, which you need for a wireless connection, than you just need to select your wireless netw... Read More »

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How to Connect Existing Wiring to a Lighting Fixture?

Connecting existing wiring to a new light fixture is not difficult. The hardest part of the job is finding the right wire in which to connect the fixture. It is also important not to add the fixtur... Read More »

Can I connect to BT Hotspots for free as I am an existing BT Broadband Customer?

HelloYep, I think your talking about this:…I think you still have to sign up, but it's free if your have BT Broadband at home.Good luck!

If a had a film on my laptop could i connect laptop to tv and play on laptop watch trhough tv,if so how?

Try to visit this link...…Hope this help

Trying to connect my laptop to my tv. I have a vga to hdmi cable. But when I connect it no picture comes up.?

That will NEVER work.Your laptop's VGA port can only send out an ANALOG video signal. The HDTV's HDMI port can only receive a DIGITAL signal. Analog is NOT compatible wiht Digital, no matter what... Read More »