How do I construct a video for utube?

Answer You don't. Youtube and myspace are for teenagers and/or people without lives. Just leave it alone.

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I cant think of anything to do a video on 4 utube got any ideas?

I always make little animations and stuff with modelling clay and dolls, they take ages, but its sooo fun! and funny to watch at the end, but you need to make sure you know what your gonna do,www.y... Read More »

When I try to watch video on utube or myface or news?

hmmm......dont use your "BacBook" lol :-)or try re-installing flash player or updating to the new one if you dont have it. You will need to uninstall the one thats already on though otherwise the i... Read More »

My utube isn't working......?

hi just google it and fount thisTHE DREADED "BAD REQUEST" STRIKES AGAINIf "your browser sent a request that this server could not understand" and "size of request header field exceeds server limit"... Read More »

How to get more views on utube?

First of all, I watched some of her videos and she has a very nice voice. The best legitimate way to get views is to be good and try your hardest (fake views are pointless because they aren't an ac... Read More »