How do I contact someone who gives me an IP number as a contact?

Answer In short, you don't. Unless of course they've also given you a port number and you have an application to interface with it. E.g, a web server will commonly host a website through ports 80 or 8080,... Read More »

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Changed my phone number (BT line) and got AOL Broadband. Who/What number/What address should I contact at AOL?

AOL found another sucker! AOL does NOT provide broadband! They connect you with a broadband service provider! They then charge you extra for their stupid browser! You are now paying for two provide... Read More »

How to get a UK landline number Hi, I need to contact someone but I have lost his number. I know his address?

If the person has put his numberon ex-directory so it doesn't appear on BT,com then it shouldn't be found on other services either. Best thing to do is contact a mutual friend and see if they have it.

Can debt collectors contact family after attempting to contact you once?

Was the number known to be the number of a friend or family member to the debt collector and not you?If the answer is yes, then there may be an issue.If the answer is no, it's going to be hard to p... Read More »

I would like to contact Reebok for an interview regarding my Thesis. Is there any possible ways to contact?

Go to their website and find the nearest branch or head office in your location and get their address and contact number. Or email them through their official email address.