How do I delete individual search items from my search history?

Answer It depends where you're trying to delete from? I've just had a look at Google, but since they changed that to list popular searches my own personal searches don't appear anymore. If you're search... Read More »

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How do I get rid of the auto-fill/search suggestions (based on search history) in the google search box?

You press the down arrow and then you press delete. :)And wa-lahh !It's gone.Well, you have to do it for all of them.But it works. :)xo.

Is it possible to delete certain items from your google search?

How do you delete the searched for items in search engines?

can be very your cursor over the search field bar (where the offending items appear)you'll the whole list alphabetically. place cursor over first item (don't click) and press DEL... Read More »

How to Delete Search History?

Deleting search history is important, especially when you pay bills online. Your search history shows what websites you recently went to, along with any passwords that were used. Any files you down... Read More »