How do I delete past searches in yahoo?

Answer To make it easier to understand - the history is stored in your web browser, not yahoo/google or any other search engine.1) First, clear the browsing historyIn IE:Tools > Delete browsing history > ... Read More »

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How do you delete past searches that are on google?

delete browsing history. on explorer this will be found in the tools tab and in firefox on the history tab.

How can i delete the memory of past searches on my google search bar?

Tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History > Delete all.If your not already using Firefox, I strongly recommend it. It's a much better and safer alternative to IE and you can set it up to c... Read More »

Clear past google searches?

Here’s what you can do in Firefox: * Click on Tools -> Options * Click on the Privacy tab * Click on settings to check what you want to clear. * Check Saved Form and Search history ... Read More »

How do I get my photos that I've submitted to FLICKR to appear on Google and Yahoo! image searches?

your pictures ARE in the results.. just not in first 1,000 (time would help though)