How do I delete statuses on facebook?

Answer Hey!It is simpler than it may at first seem :)At the top of each post, on the right hand side there will be a small drop down arrow which will allow you to 'hide from timeline'. This will hide that... Read More »

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Statuses you can put on facebook?

How do I limit who can see my statuses on Facebook?

I've had the same concerns as yourself this past year or so and have wanted to remain annonymous to about 90% of my friendlist (I only have about 120 facebook friends). I also have become VERY tir... Read More »

Any good Facebook statuses?

Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.http://statusforfacebook.comhttp://statuscrave.comhttp://statusgame.comHere is also a good Facebook Banner sites.http://bannercrave.comhttp://baner... Read More »

Good facebook statuses?

To the ho above me, why'd you say 'how gay'? He didn't say a word about being gay. Did you mean stupid? bc gay and stupid aren't the same thing. You might want to grow up a little. let me guess - y... Read More »