How do I delete the history of all internet sites I have visited?

Answer Easy way: download ccleaner ( a freeware) and install it and run it whenever you visit "those sites". This freeware cleans all cookies, catches and temp files too ..Great tool!

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How can i delete record of sites visited on internet?

Yes delete the history, temporary internet files and cookies from your browser : Tools, Internet Options, General tab

Is it possible to delete history of sites visited on pc so police or anyonecfant trace what u been doing?

There is no sure fire way of deleting things permanently and they can still be recovered unless you remove your HDD or destroy it.....

How do i find out which internet sites my kids have visited when theyv done a disc clean and erased the cookie?

Get a program for parents(or lovers who suspect a cheating partner) that only you will know is there. It sends you an email with every page visted, every key typed. There is nothing that you childr... Read More »

Is there permanant history of what web sites you have been on, on a computer If so, how do you delete it?

In Internat Explorer Tools >Internet Options >Delete files. Of course this doesn't delete the record which your ISP has and which police and govt. depts. can access.