How do I do a general tidy up on my PC, like disk frag etc. And does it actually do anything...?

Answer Yes it makes your PC faster. And it's not a stupid question: I hear it all the time even from my manager's at my office. Here's what you do:Step 1: Update your antivirus and Antispyware and run the... Read More »

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Whats does disk defragmenter actually do?

Imagine your hard drive is a file cabinet. In this file cabinet are folders that you can put information within. They can only hold so much per folder. When they are full they start to fill the nex... Read More »

Does the escape key on a keyboard actually do anything?

if you press alt escape it will switch between windows that you have open, good for lazy people, or if you lose your mouse

Does anything actually happen in someone reports you on Tumblr?

Heck no! Those sorts of things are EVERYWHERE in tumblr, and the people who run tumblr will probably laugh at whoever reported it. If they don't want to see you in their underwhere, they don't have... Read More »