How do I extract ISO files from a cd?

Answer You use a utility to create an .iso file of a disk. Then it is an exact copy.If you just copy files, there may be important hidden files and boot files that you don't see.You can then create (burn)... Read More »

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How to Extract PAK Files?

PAK files -- which have the file extension .pak -- are compressed archive files that contain large amounts data that is too big to send without shrinking. These types of file also compress long lis... Read More »

How to Extract Files From VDI?

A VDI is an image of a virtual machine created by VirtualBox. One way to extract files from the VDI image is to install VirtualBox and redeploy the image. However, if you do not have the time or in... Read More »

How to Extract CSO Files?

A CSO file is a compressed version of an ISO disk image. Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) devices typically store game files on the computer as CSOs, since they take up less room than the full ISO. ... Read More »

How to Extract Bin Files?

The .bin extension is common but most often indicates a CD or DVD image file. A disc's image file is a single file that contains the exact structure and contents of the disc, thereby acting as an a... Read More »