How do I find my ISP?

Answer huh?

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Is there anywhere I can find UK taxpayer figures I need to find out how many people pay UK tax..?

You didn't look very hard!The answer is about £30million…=====Sorry. The answer is 30 million people, as shown in the link

how do i find out the number of a simcard if i cant find the right button to press in settings?

call your land line? cant put credit on the phone till i find out what the mobile number of the sim card ah lolWhat phone is it in? or network might help as well call the network on your l... Read More »

Were can i find the history of a boat and find out imformation aboat last oweners.?

What kind of boat is it? If it is an inland waterways craft , the British waterways Authority at Watford would be able to help you. I'm sorry i don't know about marine craft

I have a netgear wireless router. i cant find the file i saved my WEP key to. How do i find my WEP key?

Just start all over again..hold a pin in the back of the router for 10 seconds (factory restore settings) then start all over again..