How do I find out what computers are turned on in my network LAN?

Answer Theirs lots of things you can do, most of the solutions will require a little coding on your part and no need to use 3rd party software either.Do you possess any coding or scripting skills?

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Find ip address of computers on network?

just ping the host names (joespc) in a command prompt. That will give you it's ip address.

Are there any computers in the world that start up as soon as their button is turned on?

Nope computers have to go thru a logical start up and bring all sorts of little programs up in a specific order. Lots of little programs you don't even know about. A computer is not a TV.

Do i need my home modem to be turned on to get a wireless network?

Question about network computers?

If he is tech savy enough...yes..that is possible.Best defense is to turn on your Windows Firewall. Go To Start then Control Panel. You see an icon for Windows Firewall.