How do I find the access point password once connected?

Answer no.there is not has a way to know the password.maybe you could ask your brother

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LAN Access when I'm connected to VPN?

You can do this is your VPN software is configured to allow "split tunnelling". Split tunneling allows access to some networks to NOT go through the VPN connection. For instance, the Cisco AnyCon... Read More »

No internet access but i'm connected?

Right click on the internet icon in the task bar. now select troubleshoot problems and see if that tool finds the problem

Wifi connected but can't access internet?

You should give more information about your situation before I can help you.

Connected to router but cant access internet?

Try disconnecting then re connecting. Then if that doesn't work. Download and run winsock fix from here:…If this fixes your problem then more than likely... Read More »