How do I fix Limewire on my laptop?

Answer Maybe you can try and get limewire can use limewire to download it

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Is there another free music download apart from limewire, becouse limewire seems to send virus etc?

Limewire never "sent" it you, you asked for it.No matter what you use, there will always be viruses everywhere. Best way to avoid them is that you don't download things that don't match their file ... Read More »

How d i import songs from limewire to limewire on a different user account?

Why have you changed your name?? took me and me silly mind ages to realise it was you!

Limewire Problem with limewire again.?

At the bottom right of the screen, there are five or six bars that look like stairs, if all these bars are green, then your search should return results, but if not, then your limewire hasn't prope... Read More »

I have Limewire and i hear you can get sued, how can i use limewire and not get sued by the RIAA?