How do I get 2 videos to play along side each other?

Answer I dont think its possible in windows live movie maker, you probably need something more serious then that.I myself use sony vegas for my video editing.

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Hydrogen atoms can form a single bond to each other, oxygen atoms can form a double bond to each other, and nitrogen atoms can form a triple bond to each other. Is there any element that can form a quadruple bond — KC, Mendenhall, MS?

The bonds that you are referring to are call "covalent bonds," in which two atoms share a pair of electrons in order to lower their total energy. When two electrons are shared in this manner, the e... Read More »

Whats the best way to network you computers at home to play games against each other, but not via the net?

Use 2 LAN cards and a twisted network cable. XP is best for networking, cuz anyone can do this u don need any special knowledge for this job.Neo

Why do people on the other side of the road slow down & look at accidents on the other side causing tailbacks?

Natural morbid curiosity...people act (look) before they does not cross their mind that each of them that slows down to oogle the wreck, is forcing EVERYONE to slow down who is behind th... Read More »

Why a spoon will allow one to "appear" up-side down on one side and right-side up on the other side?

A spoon forms an inverted real image of you when you look into the concave (hollow) side. This real image is located a few centimeters in front of the spoon, where you can touch it with your finger... Read More »