How do I get more people in my Facebook Group (and ultimately on my website)?

Answer Well, try to post the groups link as your status on facebook, post the groups link on your friends profile so that more poeple will see the group................

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How do i stop people adding people to a private group message on Facebook?

Facebook, group do delete people?

Go to friends and it will give you the option to remove/delete people.Kara

In Facebook is it possible to have a new "group" of people who aren't your "friends"?

People can join your group, they cannot see your personal profile unless they are your friends. You will be listed as an officer of the group, and they probably can send a friend request to you. ... Read More »

I invited loads of people to a facebook group and barely anyone has joined!?

Just keep it there don't worry what people think and if you want contacts i'd suggest contacting friends directly and keeping it cool :) Don't talk to strangers !! :) be safe :)