How do I get my internet to stay connected?

Answer I would first go into the properties of the wireless connection and erase the remembered network and then re-add the network. Also by default Most windows computers automatically connect to un loc... Read More »

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How to allow two machines(on a virtual network) to be connected statically and be connected to the internet?

So, how are the computer's connected to each other (cable between them, going to your Internet router, switch, etc)?If they are just connected to each other, you need to connect them to an Internet... Read More »

My Internet is connected but unable to sign into msn or get onto Internet?

Happened to me loads of times, just restart your computer and it should be fine. ~Don't know why it doe's it but u know wot computers are like!!

Why does internet explorer7 say im not connected to the internet when i am?

did you upgrade?Open your browser, click Tools on the menuclick internet optionsclick connectionsrun the wizard for internet connection setup.It is easy to loose internet connections, just reset it... Read More »

My internet is connected but cannot log in to wow?

Go to your wireless connection. It will say "connected." Click so that it disconnects. Connect it again. I don't know if that will help your situation (kind of simple) but it does help here. W... Read More »