How do I get people to like my Facebook page?

Answer Always Post Good and Interesting things that will Get More Likes and also you advertise your page

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How do I get people 2 like my Facebook Page?

read this…

Can people see if you 'like' a page on Facebook?

Yes they get a notification it says "such and such liked your page".Hope i helped!

How do i stop all people from comment on my like page on facebook?

YOU CAN'T STOP ALL PEOPLE From commenting in your page. You can block some people and they won't able to comment but preventing all people from commenting is impossible.What you can do is stop peop... Read More »

Can you hide how many people like your fan page on Facebook?

Why would you want to? I just have nothing to do with face book.... (that way no-one can say anything about me (plus or minus))