How do I get rid of broadband cables and set up a Wireless network for 2 PC's?

Answer First You will need a Wireless Router plugged into your telephone line. This takes the Broadband Signal and converts it to Wireless. It is like a Radio, transmitting Wireless Broadband around your ... Read More »

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Question about linksys wireless-g broadband router and the linksys wireless-g usb network adapter?

I suspect your will not be able to understand anything anyone would write to you in response. In fact if you cannot understand the manual which provides specific instruction, how can you understan... Read More »

Do i need a modem to connect to broadband when i am getting a wireless network card?

You'll need to get a wireless router that can connect to broadband, your ISP should be able to sell you one.The internal modem that Dell will be offering on their web site though won't be of any us... Read More »

How to connect my HTC wildfire phone to 3 broadband dongle via wireless network?

i'm not 100% sure on dongles i've researched them and found several things about them and they are all different information and aren't clear. Now as far as i'm aware dongles are a usb device that ... Read More »

How to Run Network Cables Outside a Home?

The advantage of running network cables inside the house is that these cables will be protected from the elements. The only thing you have to worry about is possibly vacuum cleaners damaging the ca... Read More »