How do I get sky one online I have broadband and...?

Answer i am a sky customer and unless your a sky customer yuo can't watch sky one. sorry. i can watch it online but only cos i pay them. they're better than virgin anyhow

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I have Broadband. Any ideas why, when a telephone call is made or received, it cuts off my Broadband?

You haven't got a ADSL micro filter fitted to the telephone(s).

Broadband question problems getting online?

I'm not sure where your problem is. Assuming that Orange Wireless is an ISP. is it DSL.?. I'd love know what your PC Internet settings are. If you have a chance, give me a call 254-663-0041 Will. A... Read More »

I have a mac 4, I have broadband,the people I want to email have dial-up?

e-mail works with broadband and dial-up as well, the only difference is the speed. you shoud know how the e-mail works.Short for electronic mail, the transmission of messages over communications ne... Read More »

When i try to watch videos online, it keeps on pausing, could the reason be my bt broadband service ..?

First check your connection speed - even you can do this Sindy, click and it will check your speed - you should be at least 2mb