How do I get to the desktop screen when playing Day z?

Answer Alt + TabWindows Key + Tabor just press Windows key. Any of these methods will bring you to desktop.

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Top of TV screen pink when playing DVDs?

Try checking the connection between TV and DVD player:1. check that the connections (SCART etc) are properly seated2. substitute the cableIf this doesn't make any difference then it's either the TV... Read More »

Computer screen goes black when playing games?

Not 100% sure as you haven’t explained very clearly what your exact problem is. If it’s going black and no signal when it starts the game the chances are the screen does not support the res you... Read More »

When i'm playing a game or reading something on the internet my computer keeps cutting out the screen goes?

try closing all your running programs in the background, they are the icons in the taskbar bottom right....right click on them for the pop up menu and click close or exit whatever

My Stereo Speaker Hums When Playing Phono But Not When Playing CDs?

A stereo system has the capacity to act like a giant conductor, creating a hum when music is played through the speakers. However, tracing the cause of that hum and eliminating it can be problemati... Read More »