How do I hide my IP address?

Answer Try Tor - that works wonders.

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How to Hide my IP Address?

While you can use proxy sites to "sort of hide" your activity, anyone really wanting to track you will be able to do so. Let's walk through what I think your scenario is:You want to pirate music/m... Read More »

Can u hide ur ip address ?

The answer is not quite as simple as yes / no.Yes, you can hide your address by using a proxy but that doesn't give you true anonymity, unless you are using an anonymous proxy your IP address can s... Read More »

How do you hide your IP address?

As long you are not doing anything inappropriate it is not illegal to hide your ip address. You can hide your ip address using web proxies, hide ip software or VPN services. If you want to hide you... Read More »

Is there a way to hide your gmail I.p address?