How do I know if my wireless dongle is not working?

Answer Depends on how old your nephew is, but there are many things that can prevent a wireless dongle from working. He may have switched the dongle off, changed the passphrase on the dongle deleted the w... Read More »

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What's a good USB wireless dongle and what's a dongle anyway what's the range what is it?

It's the internet on a mobile phone network.These are the Contract ones…And these are the Pay as You Go ones. You buy the dongle and top it up like a mobil... Read More »

Can you use a phone as a PC wireless adapter/dongle?

Do you mean if you can use the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a USB wireless adaptor for your PC? You can definitely do that. First, turn on your Wi-Fi on the Galaxy S3 and turn off Data Network just in case... Read More »

Will any wireless LAN dongle work on my blu ray player?

Normally the other WLAN adapters will state whether or not they work with TV's/Blu rays etc. The normal issue is that the tvs and blu ray players can't install the firmware to be able to talk with ... Read More »

Wireless internet dongle, are they reliable?

mine worked fine for a year then after that kept dropping and losing connection i paid £100 for mine its now £50 (netgear)