How do I limit who can see my statuses on Facebook?

Answer I've had the same concerns as yourself this past year or so and have wanted to remain annonymous to about 90% of my friendlist (I only have about 120 facebook friends). I also have become VERY tir... Read More »

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What does a # mean on facebook statuses?

Is a Hash Tag It Reefers to a Topic That there Talking About Some People Have There Twitter Connected to There Facebook So Status Updates on Both Networks and When They Post that On Twitter People ... Read More »

Statuses you can put on facebook?

I need really good facebook statuses?

Has FB really degenerated that far?That peoples whole lives revolve on likes and getting one over another onethrough a keyboard?How sad for you and the people around you that you have to rely on pe... Read More »

Good facebook statuses?

To the ho above me, why'd you say 'how gay'? He didn't say a word about being gay. Did you mean stupid? bc gay and stupid aren't the same thing. You might want to grow up a little. let me guess - y... Read More »