How do I open the "music options", can't seem to find them again; information inside?

Answer I believe is software that has been installed by the manufacturer (ie. my Sony Vaio laptop came with software to change the sound effects of the speakers).Which brand computer are you using?Windows... Read More »

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I'm an LPN in USA. Need options for work in the UK. Would like to open my options but fearful. Help!?

The NHS are getting rid of nurses here in the thousands, many are looking to Australia for jobs.

Peugeot 307 child locked unable to open door inside or outside how do i get it open please?

The only way to get into that is to remove the door panel from the inside, you will have to remove the back seat to give you room to get at it, fiddly job, but its the only way, once inside the doo... Read More »

When you hear loud music booming out of a chavvy car with all the windows open why is the music so bad?

Chavs seem to like crap 'thump-thump' noise, don't know why. I did once see (or hear) a middle aged gent in a Lexus absolutely blasting out Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as he pulled up next to... Read More »

Need to no some extra info about Music and stuff for options?

Really you need to know what types of things you are going to be learning like when I chose music as my choice I had tk do. Clasic music, britpop, indian, and dance and garage/house. And obviously ... Read More »