How do I password protect my wifi for more than 1 computer?

Answer go to your internet browser, firefox, opera or even internet explorer.type in the address bar "" to bring up the router settings pageit will give you the default username and password on... Read More »

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This computer has wifi but no way to get to the wifi password?

Wi-Fi Protected Setupâ„¢ (WPS) is a standard to easily connect WiFi devices,Both devices have to have the WPS button to support this method. Here is Cisco's description. Read More »

Is there any way to password protect a whole folder, rather than each document inividually I use Windows XP.?

There is no way to password protect a folder within Windows XP, it uses permissions to allow or deny access. This can be adjusted in the properties of the folder under Security, you can add or remo... Read More »

Is it possible to password protect folders on my computer?

just download lock folder xp 3.6 or 3.5 software by searching on internet ...after installing select type of settings you want...and in about menu enter the key for full is48i6-9Yf... Read More »

How can i protect pictures on my computer with a password?

use winrar software. you can download it from many sites. in search engine yahoo or google, type "winrar download free" (no quotation mark). instal it to your computer. and right click the folder, ... Read More »