How do I put my dvd boxset on my ipad?

Answer Open the ipad Take the DVD box set and carefully place it on the iPad, there you can watch the DVD box set on your iPad!Just kidding - what you would need to do needs several stepsrip the DVD onto... Read More »

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Which do you think is better ipad 2 , ipad 3 , or ipad 4 :)?

I have an iPad 2 (32GB) and the iPad 4 (32GB).Personally, I am a huge Tech. Geek, so I notice little things. And I would take the iPad 4 over the iPad 2 any day. There is a difference in Resoluti... Read More »

What is the best ipad out of mini ipad 2 or ipad 3rd gen?

Technically the iPad 3rd gen is the best because of the better display and cameras than the iPad 2. But does that really matter? Nope. I can't tell the difference between the screen qualities and t... Read More »

If i put lots of music on a sd card and put it in a ipad will it have any affect on the speed of the ipad?

No. The speed will only be affected if you use up too much disc space, which is used for 'paging' if you don't have enough RAM.

Ipad mini is out... your thoughts and when do you think the Ipad 4 will be out?

The iPad 4 is out already. Apple released it with the iPad mini, adding some minor tweaks to performance and stuff. So if the iPad 5 would come out next year, I am placing my money on the end of th... Read More »